Help make our workplaces safer

Dear sisters, brothers and friends:

Last week, we saw the unveiling of the first ever national survey on workplace violence and harassment in Canada. The survey is being conducted by the Canadian Labour Congress and researchers at the University of Toronto and Western University in London, Ontario.

Eliminating violence and harassment in the workplace is and will always be a top priority for CUPE. In order to take up this challenge most effectively, we need more information and better information about how it happens, and how to stop it. The information gathered from this survey will go a long way to help unions, employers and policymakers create safer workplaces for everyone.
For that reason, we are strongly encouraging all of our members and locals to complete the survey over the coming months. It doesn’t take long (30 minutes or so) and the survey is completely anonymous. We’re asking you today to share this survey far and wide, and encourage your members to participate.

• Access the survey here

All of us have a role to play in ending workplace violence and harassment. Please help make our workplaces safer by encouraging your members to have their say today.
In solidarity,

National President
National Secretary-Treasurer